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Episode 162 - Campus 2 Canada: Comparing College Fantasy to CFL Fantasy w/ Brandon Sanders

July 29, 2022

In a special bonus episode, Ryan is joined by College Fantasy Football Analyst Brandon Sanders (@CFFUniversity) for Campus 2 Canton (@campus2canton) to compare and contrast the College Football game with the CFL game, both the on field product and in the world of Fantasy Football.


We talk through similarities and differences between the 2 leagues and corresponding Fantasy Football logistics and strategies, Brandon provides some insight on a college fantasy football star from each CFL team and how that success may translate over to CFL Fantasy, and we teach Brandon a little more about the Canadian game.



0:00 - Intro

2:41 - Brandon's history as a college football fan, fantasy player, writer, and podcaster

6:51 - College football scene in the US

12:22 - What hooked Brandon into the world of CFL and CFL Fantasy?

16:25 - Comparing College Fantasy and CFL Fantasy: Formats, Logistics, Strategies, etc.

39:32 - College Fantasy Football stars to watch for in the CFL and CFL Fantasy

1:16:45 - Brandon's takes and questions on the CFL as a newer fan

1:39:18 - Rapid fire questions: vanilla ice cream toppings, tractor brands, hockey teams, hats

1:44:22 - Wrap-up


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Recorded Tuesday, July 26th, 2022


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